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Bet on line

Among the many on line betting sites, we recommend the site with the most advantages :
- A totally secure system.
- Which provides the player with quality information to help him place selective bets
- Higher than average winnings

ZEturf, since 2001

Launched by horse riding fans the day of the Prix d'Amérique in 2001, ZEturf has become the best and most important source of horse riding information on the Internet.
There are 150 000 active users. A European team leads ZEturf, a team of English, Austrian, Belgian, French and Maltese, finance and media professionals . ZEturf hopes to continue to develop and finalise contracts set up since 2005 with horse racing professionals and become a main partner in European horse riding.

Higher winnings

By offering the best redistribution rates on the market, ZEturf once again puts the user first by considerably increasing his winnings
>> Wins that can increase your bet by more than 20000 times

Tote betting

Tote betting redistribution provides a totally transparent structure for the user :
- ZEturf is at the service of horse riding (not a casino, a lottery nor a bookmaker).
- ZEturf does not play against its members. It is a regulatory body and offers neutral monitoring. It has no financial interest in the race results
- ZEturf privileges and encourages co-operative spirit.

Optimal security

ZEturf assures the highest degree of security to its users through a technically optimal infrastructure.
Rigid inscription procedures, non refundable deposit/withdrawal policy and drastic selection Of its partners ensure the members can play on a totally secure system.

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